All About SUKREW: Brand Spotlight

If you're gay and love underwear - you'll probably already know who SUKREW is by now. 

SUKREW is a power-house gay underwear brand born in London. The brand was founded by head-designer Kingsley Hamilton. Kingsley designed his extensive range of jockstraps, briefs, thongs and more, with fit in mind - shaping to your body like no other brand.


Over the years, SUKREW has soared to success and become a huge contributor to many gay men's underwear drawers, including mine. The quality of SUKREW's products is often unrivalled, in more ways than one. 

SUKREW typically uses a super-premium, high-quality Polyamide fabric that is LITERALLY like touching a cloud. Its a super soft (and stays as such), and of course - breathable, keeping myself and many others cool and fresher for longer.

My overall favourite USP from SUKREW is their signature elongated pouch. The pouch has gone down a treat with so many guys, and its clear to see why. The eye-catching pouch makes for a fuller looking bulge, with its enhancing qualities. It really does give you that sense of confidence. 

SUKREW is short for 'Sexual Unity Krew' - and its sexual unity it is, this brand consistently produces mouth-watering, eye-catching products and has fast become one of our best sellers. Keep up the great work, SUKREW.


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