Backless Briefs: The Best Of Both Worlds

If you're anything like me, I love a good pair of briefs - but as a gay man, I do like to express myself sexually through my underwear choice, and briefs can sometimes seem a little plain (especially when they're you're typical high street brand). 

So how can we mix it up and find the perfect balance of classy and slutty? easy, backless briefs! Again, similar to other styles of gay men's underwear, backless briefs come in different styles, fabrics, colours and other variations. Many gay underwear brands have adopted the backless brief due to its soaring popularity within the LGBT+ community.

Today I'm gonna show you some of my favourite backless briefs, to help give you a feel (cheeky) for the product, so that you can decide whether they're for you or not. Lets get into it - 

1. SUKREW's Camden V Brief

SUKREW Backless briefs

SUKREW is an incredibly popular London based brand, known for their signature enhancement pouch and super high-quality Polyamide fabrics. 

The Camden V Brief features all of SUKREW's best features, as well as being backless to show off a perfect amount of skin. The V Brief frames your ass perfectly and gives it a lovely lift. What more could you ask for?

2. CODE22's Thrust Bottomless Brief 

code22 backless briefs

CODE22 has solidified their place as one of the best gay underwear brands on the market. Focusing on comfort, fashion and fit.

The Thrust Bottomless Brief comes in Blue, Red or Black. Made in a premium modal fabric to keep you dry all day (or night), the brief perfectly frames your bum as you can see above.

3. Marco Marco's Flux Brief

marco marco backless briefs

As I mentioned earlier, just like other styles of gay underwear, the backless briefs can come in different variations. Marco Marco's Flux Brief comes in Blue or Lavender.

This is a more subtle style, as you can see - the backless brief takes form in a half-moon cutout, to show the perfect amount of skin. Seductive and classy? I think so. Made from a breathable poly span and mesh for moisture control.

4. Garcon Model's Ocean Backless Briefs (Airjock)

garcon model backless briefs

Garcon is a Canadian brand born in 2012. Oozing with style, class and sex-appeal, Garcon takes no prisoners when it comes to the gay underwear market. 

The Ocean Airjock (backless briefs) is a perfect example of how innovative Garcon is, using beautifully bright colours to catch your eye, and sewn to perfection. The Airjock is a best-seller at JOCKBOX, and looking the picture above, its clear why.


Regardless of your preferences, backless briefs are a great choice for any underwear enthusiast. Providing that subtle yet sexy feeling all day long.

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