Grindr Statistics Tell You Which Countries Have The Most Tops And Most Bottoms

I can't tell you how many people i've heard complain their city is "full of bottoms" or "full of tops". Either way, regardless of your preferred role, theres a lot more criteria that can lessen your audience. Your type is out there, just probably not conveniently close by and wanting to hook up. Very unlikely to be next you in the Grindr grid i'm afraid. 
Grindr unwrapped
Ok so you've probably heard about Spotify Unwrapped, well its kind of like that but its called Grindr Unwrapped instead - its based around the statistics of the "13 million gay, bi, trans & queer people" who frequent the app every month.
The platform took a closer look at some of our habits. They found out some pretty interesting stuff, including the "Five countries with the highest percentage of tops".
One slide read "you ran the gamut of positions, but some countries came out on top". The countries they concluded were India, Nigeria, Israel, Chile and Morocco. On the next slide they wrote "behind every successful top is a power bottom", listing the countries achieving the highest percentage of bottoms as Sweden, Thailand, South Africa, Vietnam and Peru.