How The Jockstrap Become A Common Find In A Gay's Underwear Drawer

Believe it or not, the jockstrap wasn't designed to help gay guy's show off their ass and d*ck (I know, shocking).

Actually the jockstrap first came around when it was invented by C.F. Bennett of Sharp & Smith in 1874. Over time the jockstrap became especially popular with men looking for functionality with physical activities such as bike riding. So popular, that the U.S army issued one to every man who served in World War I.

Overtime, more and more supportive underwear for athletes was coming out, and the jockstrap faded out a little, but remained extremely popular with gay guys looking for sexy underwear.

The jockstrap first became prevalent in the gay community during the 50's and 60's, when gay fashion took a more masculine approach. Gay guys often chose to express theirselves with bomber jackets, chaps, leather jackers and of course - jockstraps. 

Gay Leather Scene Tones Down From Hard-Core to Dress-Up - The New York Times

Jockstraps enable us to feel more sexy than we would do in a pair of old baggy boxers our Mum got us for Christmas. They accentuate our ASSets in ways like no other, and I believe feeling sexy is a human-right. 

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