JOCKBOX Members Club: A Gay Men's Underwear Subscription

Life can be hectic, work is long, and keeping your underwear drawer fresh and exciting is the last thing on your mind right now, but with a men's underwear subscription - it doesn't have to be. Personally, as a gay man, I do try to express myself a little through my underwear choices. 

Its 2021 and feeling confident has admittedly become a lesser in most of our lives, now that everyone looks like/wants to look like the cast of Love Island. Underwear has always been a welcomed confidence boost for a lot of us, with the frontal enhancement of SUKREW brief, or a perking up of the ASSets with a Marco Marco jockstrap.

Gay underwear subscription

Lets have a look at 5 reasons you need a men's underwear subscription, in no particular order:


For underwear lovers, or just lovers of nice things in general - its always fun to get a little surprise in the post. With such a huge range of gay underwear available now, with different fabrics, colours, brands, patterns, you'll be sure to get something you haven't tried before.


Finding time to shop for underwear can sometimes prove more difficult than you'd expect. If you're a gay man looking for new underwear, you'll probably not find what you're looking for on the high street. A lot of the best gay underwear brands such as SUKREW, Marco Marco, Andrew Christian etc, probably won't be available in your local shopping centre. 


You aren't tied into anything, and you can change your subscription frequency at anytime - you can also cancel completely without being charged a thing. So, if by month 4 you've decided you want to hold off on new underwear for a bit, no problem at all. 


JOCKBOX stocks only the HOTTEST gay underwear brands on the market, meaning you'll only receive the hottest products in your Members Club subscription. You'll get a variety of some amazing brands.


The way Members Club works is very simple and completely tailored to you, the way it works is this:

  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: Jockstraps, Boxers or Briefs?
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: 28" to 34" - Small to large.
  • CHOOSE HOW OFTEN: Every 30, 60, or 90 days.

gay underwear subscription

If you love men's underwear, enjoy wearing the hottest styles, and like to keep your underwear drawer fresh and exciting then JOCKBOX Members Club sounds like its for you .

You can get 50% off your first months order by using the code MEMBERS50 at the checkout. Click here to find out more about JOCKBOX Members Club.