Men's Pouch Underwear: What Is It?

Men's pouch underwear has evolved massively within the underwear market due to its soaring popularity, but why is men's pouch underwear so popular now? the specially designed underwear boasts many benefits, such as enhancement, higher comfort, or just more space. Pouch underwear can come in various different styles and boasts a huge range of benefits:

mens pouch underwear

Comfort - The pouch is sized for the consumer to determine how much space they have, often larger or "hung" guys will opt for pouch underwear, to give their self room to breathe!

Support - Pouch underwear is made with lifting technology to support your goods and keep them upwards/outwards giving it the apt name of 'push-up underwear'. 

Aesthetics - Some men choose to opt for pouch underwear simply for the way it looks. Pouch underwear is often used for enhancements due to its reshaping, of course - this is 'enhancing underwear'.

Health - A lot of men opt for pouch underwear due to its health benefits! Thats right, pouch underwear helps prevent sweating and chafing, and of course it helps stop your junk from getting crushed all day long! This type of underwear is know as 'hang free underwear' or 'anatomically correct' 

Various brands have now started to produce pouch underwear, particularly in the gay underwear market. You can find jockstraps, thongs, boxers, briefs all made with pouch underwear.

One brand in particular has made pouch underwear their bread and butter, and in general - their signature style. This brand, is of course SUKREW

mens pouch underwear

Check out a few of our favourite products from SUKREW, all of which feature a premium-built large pouch:

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