guide to mens underwear

Here at JOCKBOX we've been bombared with questions (which we encourage) based around different styles, colours, fabrics, functionality, features, benefits and more. Its normal to have so many questions when it comes to the world of gay underwear - theres so many choices and it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you dont know your jockstraps from your thongs. Luckily the experts are on hand here and we're hopefully going to cover a lot of your questions in one big underwear guide. Lets have a look at what we'll be taking you through in this guide:

1. Styles

2. Brands

3. Colours

4. Fabrics

5. Features

As you probably already know theres loads of styles of men's underwear, and of course each has benefits and advantages that can vary from style to style. Some styles can be made for comfort, such as tagless underwear, some can help with sweating and heat-control through moisture-wicking fabrics. Of course, everyone knows what a brief is, we've been wearing them since infancy - but with the evolution of underwear comes new hybrid styles like jock-briefs, or boxer-briefs. Lets go through them now:



  • A sexy-skimp aesthetic

  • No leg restrictions due to short cut

  • A V-shaped body

  • Shaped pouch to keep your package and contained

Men's briefs are one of the most-worn styles in the underwear world. Variants are mainly based around where the brief sits on your waist, these are known as high-rise and low-rise briefs. Briefs, particularly in the gay underwear world have evolved through various technologies such as butt-lifting and frontal enhancing. Have a look at some briefs below to see how designs can vary.


  • Mini Briefs

  • Tanga Briefs

  • Micro Briefs

  • Bikini Briefs

The prominant difference between the men's brief styles are majorly based around the size and coverage provided. For example the Tanga briefs have no material at the sides, whereas micro-briefs and mini-briefs have high-cut legs (flashing the thighs, boys?) and a low waist-band, so ltitle coverage but loads of sex-appeal.


  • A sexy-skimp aesthetic

  • Elasticated straps provide butt-shaping and lifting

  • No fabric between the thighs and legs (great for sports)

  • Available in different fabrics for different uses.

Men's jockstraps have been around for years and years, originally designed for cycling and sports but then largely adopted by gay men in the 80's. Today the jockstrap is an essential in most gay men's underwear drawer. They can be worn for sports, the gym, and of course - in the bedroom due to their sexy aesthetic.


  • Brief-Jocks

  • Lattice Jocks

  • Boxer Jocks

The main difference when it comes to different jockstrap styles is down to the design. A lattice jockstrap for example would be considered a fashion jock due to its extravagant design which probably wouldn't be suitable for excercise. Brief and boxers jocks are fairly self-explanatory once you know what a jockstrap is. Its all about the amount of material and what said material might (or might not) cover.


  • Boxers are typically more classic-look and and fit looser, whereas a trunks are typically smaller and tighter-fitting.

  • Trunks can appear more low-rise, whereas boxers tend to sit waist-height.

  • Boxers and trunks tend to provide more coverage

Men's boxers are probably up there with briefs when it comes to their popularity. They provide a more classic and conservative appearance due to their higher coverage. Gay men's underwear brands however, have took boxers under their wings and made them as sexy and unique as the jockstrap. Check out a few stylles below to see how they can vary.


  • Pouch for containment

  • Featuring a super-thin, elasticated waistband

  • Provides a bubble-butt look due to its shape

  • Allows circulation of air to provide comfort and protection against sweating and heat.

Men's thongs were rather tabboo and unheard of for many years, but in recent years they've made quite a mark on the gay men's underwear market and are seemingly here to stay. They're super sexy and provide a great ASSet enhancement with the ability to help form a bubble-butt shape due to their positioning and lfiting qualities. Have a look at some of our most popular thong styles below to give you a good idea of them;


Due to the sheer popularity and market size of the gay underwear world, there are hundreds, if not thousands of independent gay underwear brands out there - all of them trying to stand out and perfect their offering and product set. Many of them are the creatives behind some leading innovations and underwear technologies that we've come to know and love such as pouch underwear for frontal enhancements, and butt-lifting styles. Whilst we'd love to cover every single brand, that would take forever - so instead we'll cover the brands that we currently stock at JOCKBOX. Lets get into it.

SUKREW is an East London based brand designed and founded by the incredibly talented Kingsley Hamilton. Don't let their location fool you, this brand is GLOBAL and delivers to customers all over the world on a daily basis .

SUKREW has become a staple in our offering to customers, it sells consistently and quickly due to its ever-growing popularity. SUKREW has adopted a signature pouch thats simply effortless when it comes to providing frontal enhancements. Their products are made of high-quality polyamide fabrics which also greatly sets them apart from a lot of other brands.

Check out a few of our favourite SUKREW products below:

Born in Barcelona, Spain - CODE 22 is a popular, premium men's underwear brand. Their mission as described by theirselves is to find the perfect balance between, design, functionalitty & comfort. As somebody who wears CODE 22 regularly, I can assure you - mission complete.\

They offer a huge range of gorgeous styles of men's underwear, with the majority being made of a super-high quality and premium modal fabric to help regulate heat and provide relief to moisture. This brand is soaring in popularity, take a look below to find out why:

Garcon Model, born in Canada. The fashion-brand hosts a huge range of beautiful styles featuring gorgeous and vibrant colours that are sure to catch the eye of another. Their products are nicely fitting and made of an extremely high-quality fabric to ensure the wearer knows the difference between ordinary and premium

Not only do Garcon bring us gorgeous designs, they also do their bit for the planet too. The brand is well-known for using Oeko-Tex certified dyes, guaranteeing that no substances used in the manufacturing process are harmful. Have a look at our collection below, you'll know what we mean when we say vibrant and gorgeous:

TOF Paris, located in rue Montmartre, Paris. Short for Trends of Friends, TOF Paris is an uber-succesful brand well known for their sexy underwear, swimwear, clubwear and fetishwear. Founded in 2015, by Sylvain - inspired by night-life, TOF Paris has been a figure-head of the partywear scene ever since. Many of their innovative designs have gone on to be adopted by many other big-name brands. Imitiation, flattery, and all that..

TOF Paris has a daring design-eye and often use a range of sexy fabrics including mesh, to create eye-catching unique styles that customers over the world have come to know and love.

JOCKBOX is an official UK stockist of TOF Paris, take a look at some of our favourites below:

The famously-sexy brand Andrew Christian needs NO introduction from us, but thats the point of the guide so we'll give you one anyway.

The USA power-house brand aptly named after its owner, founder and head-designer Andrew Christian is arguably one of the biggest gay underwear brands in the world. In my opinion, its definitely the most well-known. Over the years Andrew Christian brand has released 100's of styles and innovations that are widely-used today. Checkout our favoruites below:


Whilst this isn't much of a guide section, more of an advisory comment. The main thing we want you take from this part of the guide that the days of basic, boring underwear are in the past - and whilst colour is a personal choice, its important to recognise that gay underwear brands have pioneered the creative aspect of underwear opening up a world of choice for each, individual consumer.

The practical aspects to this of course, white underwear is obviously going to, over-time lose its 'whiteness' and tends to not last as long as other colours. Darker underwear, of course, will not show stains as easily and thus will stay 'newer' for longer.


Whilst cotton is the most widely-worn fabric in the world, due to its affordibility and quality - there are other fabrics that are used within the men's underwear market. Cotton itself comes in many forms, and can be mixed with a range of other fabrics to create unique textures and wearing-experiences. SUKREW for example typically uses polyamide which is a super soft material.

You may of heard of Modal Underwear, this is styles of underwer made from modal fabrics. Modal is favoured by those looking to combat sweating due to its highly-absorbing qualities, making for more of a breathable underwear keeping the user cooler and dryer. Its very popular amongst those who take part in physcial activities.

Mesh Underwear is another popular choice in the gay underwear community. Micro-mesh is made up of tiny little holes that aid in ventilation and heat-regulation, whilst Large Weave Mesh does help with ventilation, it doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Men's Bamboo underwear is now also widely-available. Made from the pulp of bamboo grass it again, helps greatly with moisture-control and heat-regulation.


You may be thinking "how on earth does underwear have features", although if you've read this guide all the way through - you probably aren't.

Anyway, lets have a look at some of the little features making a big difference in the underwear world, in no particular order of course:

Men's pouch underwear, is of course - all about the pouch. Some pouches help aid in the enhancement of your frontal region. This can be for aesthetics purposes, building confidence along with your new bulge.

SUKREW is very well-know for their signature pouch as you can see from the image above. You may hear the term contoured pouch too, this is usually a more-snug, tight-fitting pouch that provides contour and shape to your bugle, CODE 22 is great at showing this.

Have a look at a few products from our 'Men's Pouch Underwear' collection, NSFW.. kinda.

butt lifting mens underwear

Butt-lifting technology is another widely-adopted feature in the world of gay underwear, I simply can't imagine why.

Give yourself a perkier butt every day of the week with this underwear, designed to lift and ehnanace your assets. If you're looking for a subtle lift then this may just be the style for you.


  • Padded underwear

  • Slimming underwear

  • Underwear with pockets

  • Lace-up underwear

  • Large pouch underwear

So there you have it, JOCKBOX's Ultimate Gay Underwear Guide. Remember, boring underwear is out, vibrant, sexy underwear is IN. If you've made your mind up on what style is next for you, you can shop our huge range of gay underwear with 15% OFF, use the code ULTIMATE15 at the checkout. Stay sexy, JOCKBOX.