5 Key Reasons To Stay On Top Of Your Underwear Game

5 Key Reasons To Stay On Top Of Your Underwear Game - JOCKBOX

Underwear is definitely the most overlooked when it comes to choosing our clothing, but why is that? Underwear serves a much bigger purpose than we may be aware of, and staying on top of your underwear game is more important than ever. Of course, in most case nobody/almost nobody see’s our underwear on a daily basis so we’re able to neglect it without detection - we’re here to tell you why its important to keep your underwear draw fresh with 5 reasons to stay on top of your underwear game.


We all know that wearing sexy underwear is guaranteed to give us a little confidence boost, regardless of if anyone else is seeing it or not. New underwear has a stronger construction and better fit (of course, it’s new!) - this will only serve you well, giving you a little lift in all the right places and helping to accentuate your already-gorgeous figure. Give it a go, get yourself into some sexy underwear and strut your stuff in front of the mirror, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about if you don’t already.


Similar to above, but for the benefit of others. We all like to impress our potential/current lover, and it’s not just the outfit you wear to your date that works - its what underneath it at the end of the night too. There’s nothing hotter than pulling off a guys jeans in the bedroom to find him wearing a slutty PUMP! Jockstrap - if you don’t believe me, try it and watch his face light up as those pants come off. Jockstraps especially, provide an unrivalled lift to your peach, making it all that more appealing to your gentlemen friends. Wink wink.


Guys, if you’re wearing high-street underwear that your mother bought you for on Christmas 6 years ago - it’s time to upgrade. Seriously, over time your underwear quality decreases with every wash (this is especially true with cheap underwear from the high-street). Eventually you’ll be walking around looking like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats and honestly it’s not a good look. It’s time to demand more from your underwear drawer! Ooh, that rhymes!


Yes I said it - health benefits! Underwear, designer briefs particularly are made to be anatomically correct. This means they keep your junk exactly where it should be, especially during vigorous exercise such as partaking in sports or working out at the gym. Wearing underwear that’s too loose or ill-fitting actually serves as quite a risk. Have you ever twisted a testicle? It is NOT pleasent - trust me. On top of this, underwear that is fitted and anatomically correct. 


Now I don’t like to stereotype but us gay men can be very fashion concious, can’t we? For me, that doesn’t stop with my outfit or shoes - I like to be fashionable  all the way down to my duds. Underwear, particularly gay underwear, can be very fashionable due to the more extravagant styles and more creative choice of fabrics and colours. Wearing an all black outfit? Get yourself a sexy black jockstrap to go with it. Why not?


A lot more men are starting to me more concious of their underwear selection, this is probably thanks to emerging trends with underwear and new brands making an impression - giving us a lot more choice when it comes to our underwear. The best place to buy underwear for gay men is online, as its fairly unlikely you'll ever come across an Andrew Christian jockstrap in your local shopping centre. Some men are opting for our gay underwear subscription ensuring they have fresh underwear on a reccuring basis - a subscription worth paying for.


So there you have it, JOCKBOX’s 5 reasons to stay on top of your underwear game. Some of the points may not resonate with you, but they will with others and vice versa. We’re all different and underwear can serve a very different purpose to each of us. Whatever underwear does for you, fetish, comfort or fashion - it’s important to treat it like any other aspect of your wardrobe. So what now? Well, luckily for you we’re the UK’s leading supplier of underwear for gay men, we have hundreds of the hottest styles from the hottest gay underwear brands ready for the choosing.

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