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Created in the UK, TASTE is one of the hottest rising brands to debut in recent years. Focusing on quality, comfort and sex-appeal - the brand has created a range of underwear, harnesses and socks that masterfully combine a classy and luxurious aesthetic with true underwear craftsmanship producing a finished product that is simply unrivalled.
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TASTE Menswear was founded by content creator 'Danny Boy' in 2022. Born between Manchester and London, TASTE has soared to popularity within the gay underwear industry.

TASTE makes use of premium-grade, high-quality fabrics to create super-sexy and more than memorable ranges for their global customer base.

The brand comprises comfort, sexuality and sex-appeal and throws in a handful of luxury to top it off. Mix and match your TASTE look by curating their jockstraps, harnesses, briefs and socks to create the ultimate sexy look for a night in, night out - or anything in between.

What is TASTE?

TATSTE is a gay men's underwear brand.

What is TASTE best known for?

TASTE has become known for their daring underwear and harness combinations. TASTE ensures you can mix and match all of their jockstraps, briefs, harnesses and socks to create the ultimate sexy look.

Where is TASTE from?

The TASTE brand was founded in Manchester, UK.

Where can I buy TASTE?

TASTE is available to buy here at JOCKBOX.

Which fabrics do TASTE use?

TASTE is very particular about the fabrics they use to create their collections - making use of only the best and highest-quality cotton on the market.

TASTE size guide


- Small 29"
- Medium 31"
- Large 33"
- XL 35"

Washing instructions for TASTE products

- Machine wash at a maximum of 30°.
- Do not bleach.
- Do not tumble dry.

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Mix & Match: TASTE ensures all of their jockstraps, briefs, harnesses and socks can be colour co-ordinated or mixed to create a complete sexy look for any occasion (within reason).

LGBT+ Owned: The creator of TASTE is a gay man, and the brand itself is geared towards gay men. Who doesn't love to support their own community?

Premium Brand: TASTE use high-quality, premium-grade cotton for their product ranges. This gives the wearer a luxury experience every time with super-soft materials and shape-retaining structures.


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