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Andrew Christian
Andrew Christian is a USA power-house brand with an impressive portfolio of underwear often combined with specially designed technology. Creating some of the hottest underwear for gay men. Andrew Christian uses various different technologies when designing his products, such as 'Show-It' for a push up look, 'FUKR' for a more naughty look, and 'Trophy Boy' for a bigger pouch (for the big boys).
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Andrew Christian underwear is renowned for its bold and innovative designs that push the boundaries of conventional underwear fashion.

Founded by designer Andrew Christian in 1997, the brand has become a staple in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. The underwear is characterized by its striking colors, distinctive cuts, and attention to detail, often featuring enhancing pouches and unique fabric choices like modal and bamboo for a luxurious feel. With a commitment to comfort and durability,

Andrew Christian continuously releases limited edition and themed collections that reflect current trends and captivate a diverse audience. The brand's marketing embraces LGBTQ+ representation, featuring models from the community and advocating for inclusivity. Andrew Christian's global presence, marked by its signature waistbands and provocative styles, has solidified its status as a leader in the world of fashion-forward and boundary-pushing underwear.

What is Andrew Christian?

Andrew Christian! is a gay underwear brand.

What is Andrew Christian best known for?

Andrew Christian is one of the worlds biggest gay underwear brands - becoming well-known for its daring and sexy designs as well as game-changing underwear technologies.

Where is Andrew Christian from?

The Andrew Christian! brand is based and was founded in LA, United States.

Where can I buy Andrew Christian?

Andrew Christian is available to buy here at JOCKBOX.

Which fabrics do Andrew Christian use?

Andrew Christian is very well-known for their daring mixes and combinations of fabrics, including cotton, mesh and more.

Andrew Christian size guide


- Small 25.6"
- Medium 28.7"
- Large 31.5"
- XL 33.5"

Washing instructions for Andrew Christian products

- Machine wash at a maximum of 30°.
- Do not bleach.
- Do not tumble dry.


Innovative Designs: Andrew Christian is celebrated for its cutting-edge and inventive designs that consistently set trends in the world of underwear fashion. The brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new styles contributes to its unique and exciting underwear ranges.

Comfort-First Approach: The brand prioritises comfort, using high-quality materials like modal and bamboo to create underwear that feels luxurious against the skin. The thoughtful design elements, such as enhancing pouches, further enhance the overall comfort and fit.

Diverse Styles: Catering to a wide range of preferences, Andrew Christian offers a diverse selection of underwear styles, including briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps, and more. The brand ensures that there is something for everyone, from everyday essentials to more daring and provocative options.

Support for LGBTQ+ Causes: Beyond just marketing, Andrew Christian has been involved in supporting LGBTQ+ causes and events. This commitment to community engagement resonates with customers who appreciate brands that actively contribute to positive social change.


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