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SUKREW is a British brand based in London. Designed by Kingsley Hamilton, they have well and truly taken the underwear market by storm. The brand is extremely well-known and unrivalled for its signature pouch style, with an elongated space to allow you to breathe, it also doubles up as an enhancer to give you that more fuller look. SUKREW is also top-tier when it comes to fabric choices, with a soft polyamide that clings to the skin and begs to be touched. SUKREW has an impressively wide range of mens underwear collections, available at JOCKBOX.



SUKREW is a British brand founded in London, UK by designer and owner Kingsley Hamilton.

SUKREW has soared to popularity within the world of gay underwear with their super-provocative designs and high-quality ranges. Over the years SUKREW has become well-known for their elongated and ergonomic pouches, designed to give a more fuller, juicier look to anyone who puts them on.

SUKREW have released many, many excellent collections covering various underwear styles including jockstraps, briefs, boxers, v-briefs, v-thongs, bubble thongs and many more.

What is SUKREW?

SUKREW is a gay underwear brand.

What is SUKREW best known for?

SUKREW is best known for its provocative and some-what outlandish designs, and of course - their signature elongated pouch.

Where is SUKREW from?

The SUKREW brand was founded in London and operates there today.

Where can I buy SUKREW?

SUKREW is available to buy at JOCKBOX.

Which fabrics do SUKREW use?

SUKREW have been known to use a variation of different fabrics including cotton, polyamide, mesh and more.

SUKREW size guide


- Small 30-32"
- Medium 33-35"
- Large 36-39"
- XL 39-41"

Washing instructions for SUKREW products

- Machine wash at a maximum of 30°.
- Do not bleach.
- Do not tumble dry.


Innovative Pouch Design:

SUKREW is renowned for its innovative pouch design, which is anatomically shaped to provide excellent support and comfort. This unique feature sets SUKREW underwear apart, catering to the needs of men who appreciate thoughtful and functional design in their undies.

Comfort-First Approach:

The brand prioritises comfort, using high-quality materials like modal and bamboo to create underwear that feels luxurious against the skin. The thoughtful design elements, such as enhancing pouches, further enhance the overall comfort and fit.

Bold and Stylish Aesthetics:

The brand is celebrated for its bold and stylish aesthetics, offering a diverse range of colors and patterns. SUKREW allows individuals to express their personality and sense of style even in their most intimate attire, making it a popular choice for those seeking fashionable and eye-catching designs.

Comfortable Fabric Choices:

SUKREW prioritises the use of high-quality materials in their collections, typically using a blend of fabrics like cotton, polyamide and elastane. This combination ensures a comfortable and soft feel against the skin, while also providing the right amount of stretch stretch for a snug fit that moves with the body.


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