Using Gay Underwear To Spice Up Your Sex Life

gay underwear


Gay underwear such as jockstraps, backless briefs, men's thongs, are all being used worldwide by guys just like you, to spice up their sex-life. You might be thinking "my sex life is spicy enough" - well I call bulls**t on this! You may already have an incredible sex life, but if you aren't utilising the power of gay underwear, you maybe missing a trick! Lets have a look at how you can use gay underwear to spice up your sex life:


Jockstraps have an amazing way of enhancing your assets, regardless of their natural size. The right jockstrap can increase the fullness of your package, giving it a sexy bulging look that your partner (or partners) won't be able to resist.

On top of this, lets take a trip around the back - the elastic straps on a jockstrap are a firm choice when it comes to framing your bum. The straps, although light and comfortable, are enough to perk you up and have you looking peachy in an instant.


Yes, its true - majority of guys that i've come across LOVE a guy in sexy underwear. In fact, a lot of guys have a huge fetish for gay underwear, whether it be sporty-type fetish with a guy in a jock, or a sub/dom fetish seeing a guy in a feminine thong.

Gay men love sexy underwear. Fact.


In my opinion, confidence can see a 4 soaring to a 10 in no time. Seriously, gay men's underwear has the ability to give any one of us a confidence boost in more ways than one. Slipping on a men's thong is a perfect way to express yourself sexually, pushing your boundaries a little and allowing you to discover things you like, that you might not have known about before.

Its 2022, we could all do with a little confidence boost now and then - am i wrong?


Introducing gay underwear to your sex life is an incredible way of making yourself feel good, and making your partner feel even better. Introducing new things is the key to keeping your sex life as spicy as possible, and investing in some new undies is a great place to start.

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