Men's briefs come in many, many forms - luckily JOCKBOX has them all. Keep it classic or switch it up and try something new with our range of tanga briefs, bottomless briefs, mesh, black, white, pink - you get the gist. All of our briefs are made with gay men in mind, by some of the hottest and most well-known gay underwear brands from around the world.
gay men in briefs


JOCKBOX is home to some of the sexiest briefs from the sexiest brands. We're an official stockist to MANY worldwide gay underwear brands such as TASTE, PUMP!, Garcon Model, Andrew Christian and more.

No matter what your thing is, our briefs come in a huge range of colours and styles so you've got plenty of choices. From cotton to polyamide, mesh to bottomless, white to blue - JOCKBOX has you covered.


What are gay briefs?
What size do I need?
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Where can you buy gay briefs?
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