If you're looking for the hottest jockstraps from the world's best gay designer underwear brands, you've come to the right place. Jockstraps are perfect for heavy sessions in the gym (or the bedroom) and are also very pleasing on the eye with their body sculpting and rear-framing qualities. Shop our huge range of jockstraps for gay men. Our jocks come in a variety of colours, styles, fabrics and more. 

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What is a jockstrap?
A jockstrap is a style of underwear dating all the way back to the 1800's. It consists of a waist band (usually elasticated) and two leg-straps stitched to a fabric pouch (for holding the goods).
Are jockstraps only for gay men?
No of course not - jockstraps are actually intended for sports, however the gay community adopted the style back in the late 70's, early 80's
What is the purpose of a jockstrap?
The main purpose of the jockstrap is to hold the genitals in one place whilst engaging in vigorous exercise or sports. Plus, they're sexy too.
What size jockstrap do I need?
You can usually take your normal underwear size when buying a jock, but its best to check the respective brand's size chart before placing an order, as some brands can vary in size.
How do you wear a jockstrap?
Theres no special method to wearing a jockstrap, just put your legs through the straps and pull them up - just be sure to check the leg straps aren't twisted.
Where can you buy jockstraps?
It depends on what kind of jockstrap you're looking for. You can buy jockstraps made for sports purposes at sports retailers. If you're looking for a jockstrap made for gay men, then you can buy them right here from JOCKBOX.
Are jockstraps good for running?
Jockstraps can definitely be utilised during running, but are made more specifically to aid in more rigorous sports that involve jumping or changing direction.
Do jockstraps prevent chafing?
If you wear a form-fitting, anatomically correct jockstrap - they can almost definitely help prevent chafing. A lot of jockstraps are made with moisture-wicking technologies to help reduce sweating and the effects of doing so.
How do you wash a jockstrap?
Jockstraps should be washed on a cool/warm cycle and hung to dry.

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