If you prefer the classic fit of boxer shorts, but still want to feel sexy in your underwear - then our range of boxer shorts are guaranteed to have just the thing for you. If you're tired of baggy, basic, multi-pack boxer shorts that lose their fit after a couple hours of wear - its time to upgrade with some super sexy boxer shorts made specifically for gay men.

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Boxer shorts have been a staple in most men's underwear drawers for centuries, and gay men are no exception. Gay boxers are not the same as the ones you'll find on the high-street. Typically, boxer shorts from gay underwear brands tend to focus a lot more on the overall design of the product. You will find that the brands pay a lot more attention to detail, mixing various fabrics to construct a more memorable design.

Gay underwear brands will often incorporate bright colours and daring fabrics such as mesh or polyamide to create a more sexy, aesthetically appealing boxer short. Typically, purchasing a brief from a gay underwear brand will cost you more than your average boxer short multi-pack from the high-street, but this is for the reasons mentioned above - with so much attention to detail and and the use of premium fabrics, the cost of making the product is much higher.

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