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Why Do Gay Men Wear Jockstraps?


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As a gay men, its almost one-hundred percent certain you'll have heard of a jockstrap, and know what they're for. Gay guys all around the world wear jockstraps on a daily basis, for many different reasons - we're going to take a look at some of the most common reasons gay (and straight) guy's wear jockstraps, but first - lets find out what jockstraps are even for:

What a is a jockstrap for?

Jockstraps have many purposes in today's world, but in short jockstraps are used for sports and athletics to help prevent injury, medical purposes such as post-op support for patients, and of course - fashion and sexuality within the gay community. These are just a few of many reasons a jockstrap is used, take a deeper dive into what a jockstrap used for here.

Jockstraps and gay men

Jockstraps were widely adopted by gay men in the 80's, often found on guys in fetish clubs and sex parties. Today, jockstraps are a staple in most gay men's underwear collections with many brands offering a range of these sexy styles. Jockstraps have come along way from their roots and initial purpose, finding a whole new lease on life amongst gay men seeking sexy underwear.

Some years ago jockstraps were considered 'kink' or 'fetish', but now due to their soaring popularity, particularly in popular culture, they're fairly common amongst gay guys with an active sex life. Brands like Andrew Christian and PUMP! have built multi-million dollar businesses creating sexy underwear for gay men, and jockstraps make up a huge part of that.

Why do gay men wear jockstraps?

Apart from the obvious reason being that they're super sexy - what are the other main reasons why us gay guys wear jockstraps? Confidence, sex-appeal, comfort, fetish? Lets take a deeper dive and have a look into some of the most common reasons gay guys wear jockstraps:

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Asset enhancement

Jockstraps are well-known for their ability to give you a bit of a boost when you're wearing one. The leg straps frame your peach perfectly, giving it a lift and helping it to look perkier. The cup helps keep your package contained and together, giving the wearer a nice, fuller-looking bulge in the process Win win! So, if you're looking for a bit of a lift around the font and back, jockstraps may be for you after all!


One of the biggest reasons - and my personal favourite - is sex appeal. Jockstraps are like lingerie for gay men . Showing enough skin to tempt your lover, whilst keeping a little bit hidden ready for the big reveal. As mentioned above, jockstraps give the wearer a subtle enhancing boost - any complaints? I didn't think so..

Jockstraps are actually a huge fetish for some gay guys too, this is how they first came on to the gay scene. Some couples/singles actively use jockstraps in the bedroom, as more of a sex-aid than a fashion accessory. This is, of course - thanks to their barely-covering qualities, If you go to any fetish/underwear party at a gay club, you're guaranteed to see many guys parading around in a jockstrap. 


Lots of men (gay and straight) actually just prefer jockstraps because of there comfortability. Unlike briefs or boxers, theres nothing around the leg at all apart from the strap that frames the buttocks, meaning the wearer has full-range to move about as they please. Jockstraps can often feel like you're not wearing anything at all, whilst still offering you all of the support you need from your underwear day-to-day. Jockstraps come in many different materials too, so you can take your underwear comfort game even further with moisture-wicking modal or breathable mesh. The options are endless.

Sexuality & self-expression

Gay men all over the world love to wear jockstraps for the simple reason it allows them to reclaim and redefine traditional symbols of masculinity, using them to express personal and sexual identities. The jocks visibility in gay culture—through events, nightlife, and media—enhances its role as an symbol of confidence and empowerment. By embracing jockstraps, gay men not only highlight their physicality but also challenge societal norms, promoting a broader acceptance of diverse expressions of sexuality and identity.


For a lot of gay men, wearing a jock can serve as a fetish-aid. Jockstraps intertwine elements of sex-appeal, power and eroticism. The design of the jock emphasises and exposes the butt, creating a visually pleasing focus thats certain to heighten sexual arousel.

In fetish communities, jockstraps are often worn in settings like clubs, parties, and private encounters, serving as both an invitation and a declaration of sexual interests. This highlights the importance of clothing in sexual identity and the power of fetish wear in creating intimate connections and shared experiences.


So there you have it, the reasons why most gay guys wear jockstraps. Jocks are super comfortable, extremely sexy and serve to empower the gays in ways that other styles like briefs and boxers simply cannot. You'll have no problem finding the perfect jock for you, with so many brands such as PUMP!, Andrew Christian and more adopting the jockstrap and commercialising it in ways no one thought possible. Shop our huge range of jockstraps here.